Shakira’s ex-husband lived a difficult life after the divorce, encountering all sorts of bad luck

This former famous player did not have a single peaceful day.

When he was at his peak, Pique was a highly sought-after name in the world of sports. He was once considered one of the top midfielders on the field.

Besides his football talent, Pique also impresses with his handsome and masculine appearance. Currently, he has more than 22 million followers on Instagram. However, after retiring last year, Pique is falling into an unprecedented difficult period, receiving a series of bad news.

Recently, he was “prosecuted” by the police for illegal payments related to the Spanish Super Cup in the past. According to documents released by the court, the Kosmos company (owned by Pique) and Sela Sport Group (Saudi Arabia) signed a contract in 2019 to agree to organize the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. .

Pique từng là cầu thủ được nhiều người săn đón.

Pique was once a player sought after by many people.

Thanks to this cooperation, Pique earns about 4 million USD per year. Meanwhile, RFEF pocketed a much higher number. This agreement is said to have signs of violations. Currently, this case is still under investigation and there is no official conclusion yet.

Besides his troubled career, Pique’s love life is also full of troubles. He once had a dreamlike love affair with fiery female artist Shakira. However, after 12 years together, the two announced that they would go their separate ways in mid-2022 because the former famous player had an affair.

After the breakup, Shakira repeatedly teased her ex-husband, even composing a song with the intention of criticizing the former football player. Last March, Shakira continued to criticize her ex-husband, asserting that she had sacrificed too much for him. In the face of his ex-wife’s “attacks”, Pique kept silent, avoiding making noise in the media.

Shakira hạnh phúc bên tình mới.

Shakira is happy with her new love.

The female artist shared: “During our long time together, I accepted to let my career slow down so I could accompany Pique, allowing him to comfortably develop his football career. I had to sacrifice a lot for love.”

Currently, Shakira is happy with her new lover. Her current boyfriend is British actor Lucien Laviscount, who is 15 years younger than the female artist when they both starred in the MV “Puntería” last February. The actor praised the female artist’s talent, intelligence and ingenuity.

Meanwhile, Pique officially dated 12 years younger girl Clara Chia at the end of 2022, just a few months after he completed the divorce proceedings. At first, he was quite comfortable sharing his new love story, appearing in public with his girlfriend, showing his passionate feelings.

Pique và bạn gái tránh xa sự chú ý của truyền thông và dư luận.

Pique and his girlfriend stay away from media attention and public opinion.

However, recently, the couple has appeared less in the media. Initially, the two were suspected of breaking up, but in reality, that was not the case. According to Spanish media, Pique stopped sharing photos with his new girlfriend because he wanted to avoid unnecessary gossip.

According to many sources, Clara is said to have had to undergo psychological treatment for a period of time due to some violence on social networks. Therefore, the couple rarely appearing together publicly is a way for them to escape criticism and harsh criticism.

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