Jennifer Lopez Rocks a Bold Ruffled A-Line Skirt and Crop Top Combo with Golden Studded Heels

She’s a true performer, no question about it. During Sunday night’s American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez showcased three stunning outfit changes, paying homage to another entertainment icon from history, the late Cuban salsa dancer Celia Cruz.

The 44-year-old singer, dancer, and actress owned the Nokia Theatre stage and received roaring standing ovations as she reminded the world what she was made of with her highly energized performance.

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A special tribute was given to Cuban salsa performer Celia Cruz during the ceremony on Sunday night.

Quite remarkable: The vocalist took the stage at the American Music Awards in a dazzling lavender ensemble.

A new transformation! J-Lo later appeared in a shiny black and gold outfit to take the stage once again. Her entire performance was arranged as a thoughtful and honorable tribute to the internationally renowned Queen of Salsa, who passed away in 2003 at the age of 77 as one of the 20th Century’s most popular salsa artists.

The Dance Again singer began her remarkable turn in an elegant black cape-like gown with cut-out shoulders, dusted with a shiny layer of silver sparkles. Her hair was tightly pulled back into a fountain ponytail and her dazzling earrings echoed the glamorous era in which Celia Cruz thrived.

Wow, that took a lot of effort! Jennifer wore a shimmering colorful salsa dress, a glamorous black cape, and a little lavender bodysuit during her energetic performance.

How impressive was that performance! The stunning star rocked her booty in the amazing salsa dance.

They absolutely loved it! J-Lo wowed the crowd at the well-attended awards ceremony with her impressive performance.

Hey, check this out! During a performance by one of J-Lo’s dancers, she was thrown into the air at one point. After belting out the opening Spanish lyrics and performing some salsa moves, things really heated up when Jennifer embarked on a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it costume change. She appeared in what seemed to be a traditional salsa dress, complete with a train decorated with silky layers perfect for a little shimmying. All the colors of the rainbow were represented in the impressive garment.

Rocking it: The star looked flawless in the stunning outfit they were wearing.

Amazing: The stunning vocalist lit up the stage with her talented backup dancers.

This is the story of how she first encountered Casper: Her current boyfriend, Casper Smart, was once one of her backup dancers.

“They nailed it! Two dancers wowed the audience with their incredible performance in her final outfit for the show.”

Muscles: A dancer held Jennifer high above his head for a scary dance move but there was still more to come, because within another few brief moments that bright ensemble was stripped away to reveal a tiny, flattering lavender bodysuit designed by Zuhair Murad.

The very revealing number featured an impressive array of tassels and shiny bits and allowed the gorgeous entertainer to show off her toned body, beautifully manicured from hard work in dance studios.

This was when J-Lo really let loose, pulling out a series of salsa moves that looked incredibly difficult to master even without singing at the same time, but the star easily did both.

Check her out: Jennifer looked amazing as she walked up to the fit men who shared the stage with her.

Everyone desires a slice of J-Lo: The singer found herself encircled by a multitude of hands as she danced gracefully.

Embracing the excitement: Jennifer truly appeared to dive into the lively routine with passion.

Wow, what a performance! J-Lo really owned the stage with her vibrant salsa number.

Wow, it seems like she was having a blast on the dance floor! She looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself as she danced in traditional clothing and sang impressively in Spanish.
Throughout her entire routine, she maintained a focused and passionate expression as she was tossed in the air and twirled this way and that, all while singing in Spanish.
J-Lo, whose parents are Puerto Rican, received a roaring standing ovation from the crowd full of music legends after she successfully completed the tribute to Cuban icon Celia Cruz.
She was later seen in a sheer gold gown, tight enough to hug her fit body as she posed alongside her 26-year-old dancer love, Casper Smart.

Putting her heart into it: J-Lo closed her eyes and immersed herself in the music, becoming one with the melody.

What a performance! J-Lo put on quite a show with a highly elaborate stage setup and three different outfits worn during the same performance.

She knows exactly how to do it: The experienced performer paid tribute to a highly influential figure.

Going Casual: Jennifer stepped out wearing a sparkling black cape-like outfit.

Chilling with her man: Jennifer Lopez was spotted with her boyfriend Casper Smart at the star-studded event.

Looking amazing! J-Lo proudly displayed the results of all her hard work and exercise on her incredible physique.

A famous figure, Celia Cruz, shown here in New York, was famously dubbed as the Queen of Salsa.

A respected icon: Pictured here just one year before her passing at the Latin Grammy Awards in Hollywood in 2002, Celia Cruz excelled in the art of salsa dance.

In her honor: After her performance, Jennifer slipped into a Dsquared2 dress to attend a private dinner in her honor hosted by Dean and Dan of Dsquared2 at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California.

Appearing chic and stylish: The singer, seen here with Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2, looked stunning in a black pleated A-line skirt and matching top paired with gold jeweled heels.

Jennifer looked stunning in a dazzling sequined gold and sheer gown that highlighted her amazing figure, leaving everyone breathless.

Jennifer truly knows how to steal the spotlight, whether she is performing or going out for the night.

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