Surround yourself with inspiring women & never let anyone take you down’: Gal Gadot’s pep talk is so empowering

Gal Gadot on battling insecurity is everything you need, today!

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Gal Gadot has become the high priestess of feminism. After taking on the earth-shattering role of Wonder Woman last year, the Israeli actress hasn’t stopped empowering both women and men with her unapologetic approach to gender injustices.


Used to taking the driving seat, Gal hurtles into Disney’s Wreck It Ralph franchise in the aptly named, Ralph Breaks the Internet, for her first voiceover work. Watch the full video interview above and check out the advice below…


Here, Gal joins GLAMOUR’s Joshington Hosts for the ultimate Gal Pal pep talk, prepare for some hump day power…

In Ralph Breaks The Internet, the Disney villain isn’t a person, it is Ralph’s insecurity. As the ultimate gal pal – what pep talk would you give to someone suffering from insecurity?
Just breath first of all, take everything in proportion, count your blessings, enjoy the here and now and don’t worry too much about tomorrow. The past is in the past. I find that so many of the clichés are so true, so I have a bunch of those.

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This is your first voiceover role, which I find unbelievable because you have the most seductive voice on the planet in my opinion. What are your top tips for nailing a seductive voice?


It was a first experience for me – so I was just mainly trying to be me and be comfortable in the room because it’s a totally different experience than anything that I’ve ever done before. And I must say that working with Phil (Johnson) and Rich (Moore) – the directors – on this movie was great. They made everything so, they made this experience to be so great.

You are also the ultimate boss, you are. What’s your top tips for being a boss in everyday life?


I think surround yourself with inspiring women, follow your dreams, never let anyone take you down, believe in yourself and just go for it and do it

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