Shakira Spills Her Best Beauty Secrets

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Photo: Getty Images

Unlike ever-evolving pop stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Shakira is one soulful singer with a signature look. Even after almost two and a half decades in the industry, we’re always able to recognize the Colombian songstress by her long, dirty blonde hair, often worn in waves and curls, and flattering, low-key makeup. (And her insane abs, but that’s neither here nor there.)

There’s a reason we don’t often see Shakira rocking trendy lip colors or wild eye makeup: It’s a personal preference for the star, who usually does her own makeup for concerts and red carpet appearances. “I feel like the less makeup I use, the better I look,” she told InStyle. There’s also a reason the star doesn’t have to wear much makeup—she takes great care of her skin with vitamin C serums, vitamin E capsules, and a cleansing brush to remove impurities at night.

Shakira’s best beauty tip, however, doesn’t involve many products at all. “Wear sunscreen and smile!” she says. “A good smile shows off confidence and that’s really the best makeup. … I’m such a smiler that sometimes photographers have to ask me to stop and give a more serious or sexy look.” A girl after our own (smiling) hearts.

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