Jennifer Aniston just brought back one of her iconic ’90s hairstyles—and it’s breaking the internet

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Jennifer Aniston and her decade-defining hair are having a big day. Earlier today, the actor took to social to share a bit of behind-the-scenes footage featuring a mane of waist-skimming, long-layered blonde—and the style sent scrollers into a state of utter nostalgia. 

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“Um, are we back in the 90’s today??” commented Gwyneth Paltrow in regard to Aniston’s pin-straight lengths. The far-reaching extensions, donned for her Allure cover shoot, called to mind Aniston’s Y2K aesthetic, teaming with the current era revival to create a viral moment. “The hair is giving season six Rachel Green vibes,” read another comment, citing the actor’s equally iconic Friends character. Along with the textures afforded by a wind machine and a wet-look turn, Aniston’s hair was offered a high-shine finish courtesy of LolaVie’s Lightweight Hair Oil.


Trends are, by nature, passing things. But one scan of our current style reality finds us seated squarely in the early aughts—and here, ironed manes reign

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