Jennifer Aniston, 55, Reminisces about her “Friends” Days with a Cocktail in Hand and Reflects on Feeling “Isolated yet Protected”

Jennifer Aniston looked stunning in a classic black dress while gracing the cover of Variety, enjoying a cocktail and engaging in conversation for their Actors On Actors issue. In the interview, The Morning Show star chatted with Quinta Brunson from Abbott Elementary and posed for the talented photographer Mary Ellen Matthews. At 55 years old, Jennifer reflected on her iconic series Friends, which recently hit the impressive milestone of 30 years since its debut. She mused on the passing of time, expressing her disbelief that three decades have already gone by. The actress, who was previously married to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, also revealed that she has a longing for the era when social media did not dominate daily life. Aniston shared her sentiment of feeling more secure and shielded from the chaos of the world when the online presence was not as prevalent.

Jennifer Aniston wore a little black dress and sipped a cocktail as she posed for Variety. It was for the Actors On Actors issue as The Morning Show actress talked to Quinta Brunson of Abbott Elementary fame

During her feature in Variety’s Actors On Actors issue, Jennifer Aniston donned a chic little black dress while enjoying a cocktail. The actress from The Morning Show engaged in a conversation with Quinta Brunson, known for her role in Abbott Elementary.

Jennifer, 55, addressed her iconic TV show Friends, which just celebrated turning 30 years old

Jennifer, who recently turned 55, reflected on the beloved TV series Friends, which just hit its 30-year milestone. She fondly recalled a memory from the show’s early days, sharing, “I remember the day of the premiere on NBC: Matthew Perry and I were having lunch somewhere when we found out Lisa was getting her hair done. We rushed to the salon, and I ended up taking over washing her hair, causing quite a mess. Despite the chaos, the excitement we felt back then still feels fresh in my mind.”

She also expressed gratitude for the absence of social media during the filming of Friends, stating, “Back in the ’90s and 2000s, we were fortunate to not have the constant presence of social media or the internet. We were able to work in a more isolated and protected environment. We didn’t have to deal with the scrutiny and criticism that comes with online platforms. It was a simpler time, where we could navigate the world without the distraction of phones and screens constantly vying for our attention.”

Here Quinta hugs Jennifer as they are seen together for Actors On Actors

At the Actors On Actors event, Quinta warmly embraces Jennifer as they pose for the cameras.

'It's so strange to even think that it's 30 years old,' began the ex of Brad Pitt. And the A-lister also said she misses that era because it was before social media. Aniston explained that she felt more 'protected' when there was less happening online

The former partner of Brad Pitt expressed her disbelief at the fact that 30 years have passed since that time. She also mentioned how she fondly reminisces about that era before the rise of social media. Aniston shared that she felt a sense of security and protection back then when there was less online activity.

Now the icon is starring with Reese Witherspoon on The Morning Show

Jennifer has now joined forces with Reese Witherspoon in the popular series, The Morning Show. In the upcoming season three, she will be showcasing her character’s significant transformation. Reflecting on this, she expressed her excitement about working with Jon Hamm, a long-time friend, and delving into a more feminine and romantic portrayal of her character, Alex. Jennifer also highlighted the impact of a near-death experience and the COVID pandemic on Alex’s newfound perspective of life, where she embraces a more carefree and unpolished version of herself.

Brunson also dished on her show Abbott Elementary which she stars on with Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter

Brunson also shared some details about her role in the TV show Abbott Elementary, where she acts alongside Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter.

'Sheryl Lee Ralph didn't know she was funny, but she made me laugh, which was enough for me. She's so funny,' said the star

The actress shared how Sheryl Lee Ralph’s unexpected humor always brought a smile to her face. She talked about how Sheryl’s character falling for a mysterious man in the show led to deep moral dilemmas for each character, especially in terms of journalistic integrity.

In addition, she opened up about her experience working on the show Abbott Elementary alongside Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter. She also mentioned her admiration for Lisa Ann Walter, whom she had previously worked with on Bruce Almighty, a movie she found comfort in during a tough time.

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