Exclusive Look: Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Three Gorgeous Wedding Dresses, Sharing Behind-the-Scenes of Her Georgia Nuptials with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez recently shared a glimpse of her beautiful wedding ceremony with Ben Affleck, which took place in Georgia over the weekend. The 53-year-old singer and actress took to her website, OnTheJLo.com, to post stunning photos of herself as a radiant bride.

In the pictures, Lopez can be seen wearing a white veil, styled elegantly with frosty pink makeup and diamond and pearl earrings. Her hair was swept back, showing off a delicate white frilly material around her neck. She also shared images of her main bridal gown, which featured an impressive 20-foot train, along with two other dresses she wore on the special occasion, all designed by American fashion icon Ralph Lauren.

These couture gowns are estimated to cost around $1 million each, showcasing Lopez’s luxurious and glamorous style on her big day.

Wedding splash! Jennifer Lopez has shared a look at her stunning Saturday wedding to Ben Affleck in Georgia. The star was seen in a custom-made Ralph Lauren couture gown; the images were taken by John Russo

Jennifer Lopez recently shared a glimpse of her beautiful weekend wedding to Ben Affleck in Georgia. She looked stunning in a custom-made Ralph Lauren couture gown, captured in pictures by John Russo.

The price range of couture wedding gowns can be quite high, with Lauren’s creations starting at around $500,000 due to the intricate hand-sewn details and luxurious materials used. Lauren, known for his exquisite designs, has only made a handful of wedding dresses in the past.

For Lopez’s wedding, she wore multiple stunning gowns, each estimated to be in the million-dollar range. From the primary turtleneck gown with a 20-foot train to the plunging halter gown adorned with Swarovski crystals, each dress exuded elegance and luxury.

One of the dresses featured pearl detailing and Swarovski crystals, while another had strings of pearls and crystal embellishments. Lopez’s choice to wear Ralph Lauren on her special day likely came from their longstanding friendship and her admiration for his designs, as seen when she wore one of his gowns to the Met Gala in 2021.

Million dollar baby: Lopez's primary wedding gown - the one with the turtleneck - was likely in the $1 million neighborhood as it did not have any pearls sewn into it, or any other gem, but it did have an embellished 20 foot train which was handmade

A look to die for: This gown had a plunging neckline with a halter finish and Swarovski crystals; a sheer hood was attached

A million-dollar bride: Lopez’s main wedding dress, featuring a chic turtleneck, probably cost around $1 million due to its lack of pearls or other gems, but it did boast a stunning 20-foot handmade train. The plunging cream halter gown she wore was likely in the same price bracket, thanks to the sparkling crystals adorning the front.

It was time to take a sip as Jennifer Lopez dazzled in yet another stunning dress, this time featuring a lace overlay and sleeveless design. Her stylist, Rob Zangardi, shared a photo of the singer on a swing, calling her the most beautiful bride. The photos were captured by photographer John Russo. Vogue later posted a full-length shot of Lopez in her gown on their Instagram, congratulating her and Ben Affleck on their recent marriage ceremony at their home in Riceboro, Georgia. The magazine highlighted Lopez’s choice of attire, a couture creation by Ralph Lauren, a designer she has often turned to in the past.

Here comes the bride: Jennifer beamed with joy as she posed in the final product; the sketched are on the left

The bride-to-be, Jennifer, was all smiles as she stood proudly in the finished dress design, with the sketches displayed on the left.

Coming to life: She also shared the exquisite sketches of her Ralph Lauren dress; seen right in the halter dress

Blossoming into reality: She also revealed the beautiful drawings of her Ralph Lauren gown, showcasing how stunning it looks in the halter style.

Newlywed: The Waiting For Tonight singer sat on a swing in her heavenly gown

Recently married, the songstress from “Waiting For Tonight” was seated on a swing in her ethereal gown. The wedding dress she donned at the ceremony was just the first of three Ralph Lauren outfits that she wore during the event.
The groom perfectly complemented his bride’s attire in a timeless Ralph Lauren Couture white tuxedo jacket, black pants, and a black bow tie. Their five children were also dressed in white Ralph Lauren Couture outfits.
Jennifer Lopez delighted fans by sharing beautiful photos of herself in the Ralph Lauren dresses on her show, On The JLo. She even included the sketches of the dresses transforming into the final products. In her latest communication, she expressed her gratitude to Ralph Lauren, calling the dresses “dreamy.”
Designer Lauren provided fans with an inside glimpse into the making of Jennifer’s gowns through a YouTube video showcasing the dresses in progress.
The wedding, taking place at Ben’s $8.9 million Georgian mansion on Hampton Island Preserve, was truly unforgettable. A total of 135 guests were present at the ‘old Hollywood-themed’ ceremony, as revealed in photos obtained by DailyMail over the weekend. The publication even took a peek inside the wedding festivities.
The 45-minute ceremony was presided over by Jay Shetty under the charming white metal arch of a church, adorned with delphiniums from Jenevieve Peralta Floral Design and Tulips & Twigs. Among the attendees were their mothers Guadalupe and Chris, Jennifer’s sister Lynda, as well as Ben’s close friends Matt Damon and Kevin Smith.

The making of: Ralph Lauren also shared a YouTube video capturing the making of JLo's many dresses

The creation process: Ralph Lauren also posted a video on YouTube showcasing the behind-the-scenes of JLo’s various dresses being made.

All hands on deck: Much care was taken into the making of the dresses

Everyone pitched in: a great deal of attention was put into creating the dresses.

Attention to detail: A seamstress made some finishing touches to one of the stunning gowns

A tailor added the final details to a beautiful dress with precision and care.

Pearl fever! There were layers of pearls all over this gown; the dress design is called the 'chandelier'

Pearl mania! The gown was adorned with numerous layers of pearls, giving it the nickname ‘chandelier’ because of its intricate design.

Wow: A seamstress worked on the train of the dress; it is an estimated 20ft long train

How amazing is this: The dress had a train that was being sewn by a skillful seamstress on the train itself, and it stretched approximately 20 feet in length.

All that glitters: Close-up shots of the stunning Swarovski crystals were shown in the video

The video featured up-close shots of the dazzling Swarovski crystals, showcasing their shimmer and shine.

Hand-crafted: A seamstress sewed the intricate beads by hand

Handmade: The skilled seamstress meticulously stitched each delicate bead onto the fabric by hand.

Blushing bride: The sketches showed JLo all dressed up in her wedding gown

Bashful bride-to-be: The illustrations depicted Jennifer Lopez adorned in her beautiful wedding dress.

Future Mrs: Jennifer shown in one of the sketches from the video

Upcoming Mrs. Jennifer made an appearance in a sketch from the video. Ben and JLo, famously known as Bennifer, rolled out a grand white carpet for their wedding. Lopez stunned in a white Ralph Lauren couture gown with a long train and veil, while Ben looked dapper in a black and white tuxedo.

Following the ceremony, there was a cocktail reception held at their home. Guests then enjoyed a delicious dinner in the barn, with the food prepared by chef Bruce Moffett and Cru Catering according to Vigue. The wedding cake was created by Minette Rushing Custom Cakes.

The music for the event was provided by DJ Dubz, and the night ended with a spectacular fireworks display. Photos captured the couple embracing on a waterside jetty, with fireworks lighting up the lake as the perfect end to the evening.

The highlight for the actress was having all of their children present at the wedding, as shared by People. She is looking forward to taking on the role of stepmother again. All the children were dressed in Ralph Lauren Couture for the special occasion.

Custom made: A seamstress carefully sewed on the many beads on one of the garments

Bespoke: A skilled tailor meticulously handcrafted the intricate beadwork on the garment.

Happy bride: Lopez was the belle of her splashy Georgia wedding to Affleck

Delighted bride: Lopez was the star of her extravagant wedding in Georgia to Affleck. With Max and Emme, 14, from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony, and Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Sam, 10, from his former marriage to Jennifer Garner, the couple formed a happy blended family at the celebration. A source shared that Lopez adored having all the kids present, and the location made the day feel truly special, fulfilling her dreams. Stylist Courtney Victor gushed over the flawless beauty of the JLo Beauty founder and mentioned how happy and united the family appeared. Embracing her new role as Mrs. Affleck, the bride from the Bronx is overjoyed with her new chapter in life.

They have wed before: The two tied the knot in July in Las Vegas; at this wedding she wore designer Zuhair Murad

They have previously been married: The couple exchanged vows in July in Las Vegas, with the bride stunning in a gown by Zuhair Murad.

They have known each other for over 20 years: They were together in 2002 and started dating again in 2021. Seen in February

They have had a friendship for more than two decades: They were in a relationship back in 2002 and rekindled their romance in 2021. Spotted together in February, an insider shared that “She keeps referring to him as ‘my husband,’ which is just adorable.”

This isn’t the first time Lopez has taken on the role of a stepmother. When she tied the knot with Anthony, she became a stepmom to Ariana, 28, and Chase, children of Debbie Rosado; as well as Cristian, 21, and Ryan, 19, children of Dayanara Torres.

The newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Affleck, are currently residing in a rental property in Beverly Hills while waiting for the renovations on Lopez’s old mansion in Bel Air, California to be completed.

As of now, it’s uncertain whether all the kids will attend the same school, as most of them are teenagers except for Samuel.

Her teens: She has Emme, left, and Max, eight - both 14 - with ex-husband Marc Anthony; seen in Paris in July

During her teenage years, she is raising her children Emme and Max, who are both fourteen years old, from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony. They were spotted together in Paris in July.

All together now: From left, Violet, Emme, Max, Seraphina, Jennifer and Ben in Paris in July

Everyone was there: Violet, Emme, Max, Seraphina, Jennifer, and Ben were all together in Paris in July. It was a reunion 20 years in the making, as the couple had dated and even gotten engaged before calling off their wedding in 2003. Ben’s brother Casey, 47, couldn’t make it as he had family commitments in Los Angeles. But Matt Damon, 51, Ben’s longtime friend and Oscar-winning co-star from Good Will Hunting, was there with his wife Luciana Barroso, 46.

Wedding guests: Director Kevin Smith and actor Jason Mewes, famed for playing Jay and Silent Bob alongside Ben in a series of comedies, were also spotted in Georgia for the party

Famous duo Director Kevin Smith and actor Jason Mewes, known for their roles as Jay and Silent Bob in various comedies, were among the attendees at the wedding in Georgia. Following the ceremony, Affleck and Lopez, accompanied by their guests, strolled to the estate’s Oyster House for the reception. The couple reportedly obtained a permit for a fireworks display, and wedding bells and a delicious menu featuring fried pork chops, rice, vegetables, oven-roasted chicken, and mac and cheese were all part of the festivities. Additionally, barrels of Jack Daniels were spotted being delivered to the property.

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