Even Wonder Woman needs her rest! Gal Gadot relaxes in pink PJs gifted to her by Robin Wright… after the virtual premiere of new blockbuster

Gal Gadot certainly needed some downtime after the premiere of her new film.

On Wednesday, the 35-year-old actress posted a photo to her Instagram depicting her lounging in a chair as she wore a set of pink pajamas.

The outfit was apparently a gift from her Wonder Woman 1984 costar Robin Wright.

Taking it easy: On Wednesday, Gal Gadot made a post to her Instagram account depicting her relaxing in a set of pink pajamas the day after Wonder Woman 1984’s virtual premiere

The caption for the post read: ‘Thank you @robinwright for these awesome pajamas, too bad it’s too early to go back to bed…’

The clothing came from the 54-year-old’s own sleepwear brand Pour Les Femmes.

A few days prior, Wright had made a similar post to her own Instagram account depicting her relaxing in bed in a pink patterned top-and-bottom sleepwear set.

The caption for the post partially read: ‘In a pajama state of mind.’

Sending a gift: The pajamas were a present from her WW84 costar Robin Wright, who runs the sleepwear company Pour Les Femmes

Gadot’s initial photo came a day after the virtual premiere of Wonder Woman 1984, which was hosted at the DC FanDome.

Along with the lead actress, the film’s director Patty Jenkins and costars Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal all made appearances at the event.

The film’s composer Hans Zimmer was also present, and he gave a musical performance during the premiere.

At a certain point in the event, Gadot made a post to her Instagram story thanking Zimmer for his work on the project.

Sending a shout-out: Gadot took to her Instagram story to thank Hans Zimmer for his performance at the Wonder Woman 1984 virtual premiere

Prior to Wonder Woman 1984’s release, the actress had been very active about promoting the feature on her various social media outlets.

On Wednesday, she posted a video depicting a graphic display centered around the film that covered the entirety of the Burj Khalifa tower.

That same day, Gadot shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the production end of DC FanDome, wishing her fans goodbye from in front of a green screen.

The caption for the video stated: ‘Thank you to all the amazing WW fans for this fun virtual premiere. We had a blast!’

Go big or go home: A display featuring a number of promotional graphics for the film was displayed on the Burj Khalifa tower; Gadot shared a video of the show on her Instagram

Behind the scenes: The actress posted a video depicting the end of WW84’s virtual premiere to her Instagram account, where she was seen wishing her fans goodbye

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